Flu Jab Blues

Posted: 10/10/2010 by C. Matt Hewes in Bits 'n' Bobs
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“Meh, just a jab like any other…”

That’s what I thought too, till now… For years I just went to the Doctor’s, got the jab and carried on with life. This year it’s different; yesterday I felt like I was hit by an Interstate train, and today I feel like I’m having a raised temperature. Where does it come from?

“Are you allergic to eggs?”


“Are you feeling OK today?”

“Yep, never better…”

“You’ll feel a short prick.”

I felt like saying: “I know I’m short, nothing new there…” but I kept it to myself, and instead said: “I know, I do…”

A little sting told me the needle went into my shoulder, and two seconds later, the nurse rubbed the faint spec of blood away: “All done, you’re free to go if you feel OK.”

Now, normally, the nurse would rub the muscle in which she injected the antidote, but she never… Could that be the cause of how I’m feeling now? As I made my way out, I remember feeling a swelling on my shoulder and thinking: “already?” The evening went past as normal, with just a slight pain in the muscle but hey, someone’s been poking it wtih a needle, so no surprises there. Saturday morning was a whole new experience; once I got up I felt like I’d run a double Marathon with a 40 ton truck on my back… Later in the day I started feeling slightly better; the 40 ton truck had made room for a minibus…

Feeling a lot better today; the aches and pains are gone, I just feel like I’m burning up now. But I did walk K9 and I can actually go on the laptop, so things are looking up… Just hope I feel better going into work tomorrow…

It wouldn’t all be so bad were it not that I promised to paint the front of the house, which, under these circumstances isn’t happening… it feels like a cop-out to me but believe me, it ain’t…

No need to be alarmed as the symptoms are normal, according to the flyer the nurse gave me. I just thought I’d share my self pity with you…

  1. Rob says:

    That’s why I never get the flu shot, Dutch.

    I see by your profile you served in the navy. Same here. Served aboard the USS Lawrence, DDG-4, out of Norfolk, Virginia. Our captain volunteered us for duty in Vietnam, and we made the transit through the Panama Canal to the other side of the world. I ended up an OS-3 (Operational Specialist Third Class–used to be a Radarman, but the navy changed the rate).


  2. roxy says:

    telling you, i don’t like needles and blood

    but i rather see a needle …

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