First the Flu Jab, now the Automotive Blues

Posted: 13/10/2010 by C. Matt Hewes in Bits 'n' Bobs
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Didn’t go into work on Monday; I was feeling like a wet towel after that jab, so I got the OK to work from home…

Tuesday was OK, health wise that is… the symptoms had virtually worn off and my mind was set to go to work. Until I got in the car… I couldn’t get the bugger to start without jumping it, aided by the missus’s car. I remembered it spluttering and coughing when I started it, on my way home last Friday…

“What the…”

Just my luck; first that bloody jab, now the car spittin’ out it’s dummy. It got me to work but I didn’t and still don’t feel very comfy knowing it might, at some point, act like a spoilt kid and leave me standing with stamping feet. After work, a colleague was good enough to hang around till the motor was running, just in case I (well, the car…) would need a jump. All good; it started, not as it’s supposed to but it started, and today it hasn’t left me standing either… Funny that even an Atheist like myself turns to the Big Man up there, asking for help in situations like this: “Please God, let it start…” He must have been in an extremely good mood to help me out…

Any which way, tomorrow the bugger’s going to the car-doctor, whether he likes it or not, for a thorough check-up and service. Hopefully I’ll hit two birds with one stone; get the bugger fixed and at the same time ready for Winter, whatever that may bring us this year (brrr… the thought alone…)

I might have to treat him to some extra Diesel, if he behaves…

  1. roxy says:

    It’s a long time ago, but I can remember you in times when you needed to take me to school and the car didn’t work.


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