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Don’t we, nowadays, all know it; although it’s known under another name, we all visit it, at some point.

Truly wonderful it is, Escapia; you can be who you want to be, whether it’s a big-spender charitable millionaire, or a highly respected businessman. Sad thing is, that it’s also used by people to pretend to be someone wonderfully kind and sweet, where they are the personification of Evil. Let’s just forget about this ‘category’, shall we?

To a lot of people, the frequency of visiting the place is ‘above average’, if we can speak of such. You’ll find them in Escapia every spare moment of any day; many of them are prone to believe being in Escapia is their real life, they’re living in sort of a ‘Matrix’ kinda world, if that makes sense…


They come home from their, often boring job and take off instantly, to Escapia. As soon as they get there, they start bossing people around, commandeering their every desires. More often than not, they’ll spend more time than physically possible in Escapia, resulting in short nights and bad moods in work. From there it snowballs, and what seemed to be innocent, harmless escapism has turned into a need, if not addiction to be there. The addiction grows, and the nights get shorter and shorter, performance in their jobs goes down a steep slope, nigh to non-existent, and even in work, they’ll wander off to Escapia. When they’re being addressed about the issue, they’ll admit they’re spending too much time in Escapia, and promise to better their attitude towards work. It works… for a day or two… maybe even a week. Their bodies will tell them they’re alright, and they can stay up a bit longer to spend just a bit longer in Escapia. Heck, even their mates (from Escapia) are saying everything’s OK, and tell them not to worry.

The manager, in the mean time hands a written warning to them; shape up or shut shop… “He just doesn’t understand; I’m fine…” In many cases, this leads to sick leave, caused by disbelief for the warning and complete oblivion of the multiple verbal warnings already addressed to them: “He didn’t need to give me a written warning, I would have changed if he would’ve made the effort to ask me…”

Two days sick leave become a week, completely spent in Escapia. Reluctantly, they’ll go back to work, only to go back on sick leave, three days later. A week becomes a month, and when they finally go back to work, they find their desk is given out to a new contractor: “Your stuff is on the spare desk, in the back…” Any attempt of them to stay friendly, after that cheerful “Good Morning!” is now out the door and gets worsened when they find out they’re not doing the responsible work they used to do. Where, at first, there was a sour face for having the desk in the back, near te drafty emergency door, now a glare of false happiness appears; “I can go to Escapia almost unseen there…”

The one thing they fail to see is, that the back desk is heavily monitored…

They keep going to work, strengthened in their belief they can, unpunished, go to Escapia at any time of the day. All they’ll miss of Escapia, are the times they’re travelling to and from work… Performance sores, to a point that the final warning is handed to them.

The answer, according to them, is sick leave… one month becomes three, and when they finally realise they need the job to pay the bills and return to work, they learn their responsibilities are withdrawn even further; no more going to Escapia. Sick leave seems to be the only option…

Three months later, they are called into the Manager’s office and confronted with all their visits to Escapia during working hours. “You can work this week out, we’re forced to let you go as of next Monday.”

“They just don’t understand, there’s nothing wrong with me; I’m still doing my work…”

After a month, completely spent in Escapia, a letter from the Bank is delivered: “You are being evicted per the end of the month if…”

Full of disbelief, they’ll rant for fifteen minutes, only to come to a conclusion: “Oh well, what can I do…?”

They’ll just get ready to go back to Escapia: “www…….”