… So I screwed up… Does that justify being ridiculed?

Posted: 01/03/2011 by C. Matt Hewes in About Clansman
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When I wrote my previous post, I also went looking for sites, Forums and whatever that have one topic: Scotland.

I found a site where I got the feeling I would be able to find help and/or advice for my new -now shelved- project: a fictious work on the systems (if there is such a thing) handled by the Clans. I posted a thread, adding a link to this Blog, and lo and behold, one of the members had visited this place, and left a comment on my post. In short, he advises me to go back to basics and review what I had found on Clans sofar. Fair enough; I asked for advice, he gave his. Heck, I was just glad to have some form of advice. Admitted, I wrote the post after having read just a couple of websites that contained what seemed to me pucker advice, and I completely mixed things up. Hence, the man’s advice. It was solid, and I thanked him.

On the particular site itself, I got a reply too. Another member had visited this place, and was less tactical and quite opinionated about me. Instead of leaving me advice overhere, he chose to do it in public (heck, I would even have published his advice, were it posted here, and in a more advising way, rather than showcasing his superiority over me in a Forum). He made it very clear that he studies History, specialising in Scotch History, no less, and had never read such crap. Mind, I’m telling it in my words as I don’t want to copy/paste his comments (call it my simple way of protecting him).

I hold my hands up; I lost my rag and left him a reply, loaded with heavy words. Why? I’ll try to explain…

When someone goes to a site/person, wanting advice and/or help in any other form, it is because the person is unknown with the matter. Since none of us is out to be hung to dry in a full ballroom, we expect (well, I do…) to be treated with some respect; either to be approached ‘privately’, or as privately as possible on the Net, or with a choice of words we won’t feel offended by. In my opinion, that’s exactly what he did; he offended me. His comments read to me like “If you haven’t studied the History of Scotland, you can’t write about it”. In my world however , there is another saying:

“There is no such thing as a Stupid Question. Stupid answers however…”

I haven’t been back ‘online’ on the site, nor will I as I don’t have to assciate with people like that. It does mean however that I’ll have to go elsewhere to find someone who’ll be good enough to help me in my quest for answers. Luckily, I’ve also had a response on another social network (not FB); a History in a Nutshell of the person’s Clan. That’s as good a start as I can ask for, I guess.

I chose to write this now, several days after the event rather than straight away… I have no need to feed his superiority in any which way, so I wrote it here instead of in the related Forum as I don’t feel the urge to communicate with the likes of him…

Thus, my previous post isn’t worth the time it took to write..

… And?

  1. Hey, Dutch..well done my friend, you have responded in an adult and reasoned fashion to a situation that clearly was neither of those things.

    I don’t understand what people get out of ridiculing others, does it increase their self-worth?

    How sad is that?
    Kudos to you for waiting and calming down. I try and do that myself {Not always succesfully} Sometimes I lose my damned temper and offer to tear ’em a new one. Not smart. I’m learning…hehehe…slowly.

    Bravo, buddy.

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