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Posted: 09/03/2011 by Matt Corey in About Tee'Rha
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Evenin’, Earth!

Mr. Matt Hewes asked me to write a little piece on his Blog, the other day. His exact words: “Tell the peeps something about Tee’Rha, you know, what is it like to be living so far from Earth, how does it feel to know J’adeen made it back to Earth in a relatively short journey… that kind of stuff.”

Well, I can do that in one sentence: Living here is nigh on perfect, and the youngster going back to earth, I have to admit, wasn’t easy at first, but the more I thought about it, and discussed it with Marbeeth and Jenshee, the less it surprises me. There, done!

Okay, okay… I’ll elaborate, but only cos Jenshee is slapping my shoulders… gotta love her!

Life on Tee’Rha is, to us mortal humans, paradise; the mere fact that violence is a no-no on Tee’Rha proves that we can do it, considering that we are -be it in a far distance- related to the H’meen. We’ve travelled a lot, to all corners of the planet, and it doesn’t cease to amaze me. There seems to be something or some place new behind every corner, and even the ruines of the Great War seem unreal, knowing the serenity of the H’meen. Makes it very hard to take in that they were subject to such a devastating War, wiping out practicallytheir complete level of technology, which was back then, I’m talking thousands of years ago, so much ahead of what we Humans have achieved in ‘just’ what… four hundred years, give or take. And yet there are touch points in our technologies; since we’ve settled here, the H’meen -first and foremost Marbeeth, I might proudly add- have picked up the eagerness to re-develop their technology, but only after we promised not to force any of our technology on them. They want to do it in their own pace, which is understandable.

The Youngster and his bumbuddies…

I’ve always known he was something else… not your bog standard pain in the ass but a major pain. Kept nagging me about his wish to attempt a jump to Earth. Admitted, I don’t know or understand the first thing about travelling in thought, but to go in one step from Tee’Rha to Earth was just too much for me to even want to understand. “Father, if I can jump from Tee’Rha to Ees in one go, I can jump to Earth, too!” he would say every time we got in an argument about it. Luckily, I was able to withold him from going till I had the feeling he was able to take responsibility for is actions; being sixteen Cycles -twenty-four years- is still young, but old enough to at least comprehend the magnitude of the plan. Having a good relationship with J’adeen’s mentor and Manolo also aided me in being able to prepare everything down to the last pack of sugar; Manolo baptised it a military mission, and Eirween mentored the kid in developing his Thinker abilities, converting the Big Dawg for Thinker usage and in transposing his vast knowledge onto J’adeen, so I learned later, when they were already gone.

They? Yes, they. Jimmy was always adamant he’d go with J’adeen and when the snot nose started dating Saleena, she wanted to go, too. I ask you, how much is a Dad supposed to be able to take? OK, so Miss Busybody is a Thinker, too, and perfectly able to take her stand, but I’m sending someone’s graddaughter off on a voyage never attempted before, by Humans or H’meen, Thinkers or not…

Manolo had the Dawg converted to carry ten people, and did under-hand research to find potential volunteers to go with the Trio, and he found some perfect candidates, but you know all of that already -if you’ve read the kid’s journals sofar, that is.

The first time he contacted us in thought was quite emotional, although I didn’t want him to notice. Poor attempt; if he can contact me in thought, he’s already reading my thoughts, and feeling my emotions. I shoulda known… Emotional because it was the first sign of life since they left, and after several failed attempts of Marbeeth and Jenshee to read him. No wonder the attempts failed, really; the bugger was by then halfway the journey. Come to think of it, I’m sure he broke a rule or two to have progressed so far so soon…

Anyway, Jenshee asked me to write a bit about what we’re doing in the mean time. We slob out. Being retired was difficult for me in the beginning, cos I didn’t want what we’ve built up to get ruined overnight. Again, stupid thinking on my account since I promoted my successor myself: Manolo Mendez, my former master sergeant, my right hand, the organiser. He runs the shop the way I could only have dreamed he would. Now that I’ve given in to the retirement thing, we travel. Visit Ulltheer at least twice a Cycle, and he calls about twice a Cycle in our nicks of the woods. It’s wondeful; we often end up reminiscing ‘the old days’, the beginnng of this all. And I write silly pieces for my Creator, C. Matt Hewes, every now and again. Only to keep him off my back; the man can be a real drama queen, whinging about how his Blog needs some genuine input from me.Luckily my lovely Jenshee is an endless source, with a much better memory than me…

You’d better have them cases of Kerberian on a transport to me, mister… or this’ll be the first and the last bit of info you’re getting off me…

I hope this is as informational as you expected. I kinda enjoyed writing it, not in the least place because I can say what I want about Mr Creator sir. The worst thing that can happen is that he doesn’t approve the piece -not a chance, not even a little, he won’t approve it…

Signing off now…

Matt Corey


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