Frankie Sachs’ Hard Work

Posted: 17/03/2011 by C. Matt Hewes in Bits 'n' Bobs

Never have I ever seen anyone devote the time, effort or energy put into a cause like Frankie Sachs has for Japan.

My first impression of him was quite mediocre, I have to be honest; a writer, one like fourteen in a dozen. OK, he contributes to the Forum on Authonomy, sometimes quite sharp, but never as sharp as I’ve found him to be since the disasterous Japan Quake/Tsunami.

Tirelessly, he went on informing us about the developments for the first couple of days, with Sessha Batto as his accomplice, I hasten to mention…

Frankie hasn’t stopped there; he has created a website where he is inviting writers to join him in putting together an Anthology of Stories, and also invites artists to donate their art, and poems and anything fellow-artists (yes, writers are artists) can or want to donate, to bundle all in a work, dedicated (and 100% of the revenue going) to the rebirth of Japan.

Apart from online, I’ve never met Frankie, but I’ll give you my opinion: He’s one helluva guy…!

Frankie, you’re in my Top Ten, buddy!


If you’re interested in contributing/donating, go to and donate, contribute, leave a message or anything…!

  1. LediaR says:

    Hi Frankie. I saw your comment on Linkedin concerning “What are the best ways to draw readers to your self-published book?” Your article here concerning Japan made me cry. I used to live in Japan and still have friends who live there. It breaks my heart to see how horrible the devastation is there.

    I also have a wordpress blog. It is called “Mysterious Japan” that also links to my upcoming novel that takes place in feudal and modern-day Japan. My novel is called Legend of the Tengu Prince. and If you send a request, I will link you to my blog. I am new at this.

  2. Above message was left with good intentions, addressed to Frankie; I’ve forwarded it and am sure Frankie will add it to his message board as soon as he receives it.

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