Too quiet on the Tee’Rhan front

Posted: 08/04/2011 by Matt Corey in About J'adeen

… What can I say…

I’d love to say that the Master of the House is very busy writing but that’s not the case… He’s busy with… not writing. It’s that block, you see. Not really the feared Writer’s Block, but more an obstacle, a hurdle. He wrote himself into a situation he can’t seem to get around. The scene is there, in mind, but he seems unable to put it to paper. The flow disappeared, just like that…

OK, I suppose he deserves a bit of slack because he looks at computer screens all day, intensively so, I hasten to say but even then, he should be working on his number two, regardless of whichever hurdles he comes across…

Any which way, I’m going to give him my two pence worth about this all, and see if I can get him back to writing… he can’t leave my son on the other side of the Galaxy for the rest of his days… that wouldn’t be fair, neither to J’adeen, nor to us, his Family. His Mother is dying to get some sort of news from him, and I need to have someone around to make a fool of, and as it stands, both victims are stranded on Earth…

Also, the sooner he finishes part 2 of the Saga, the sooner he can begin with part 3 which, and that I promise, is going to be the climax to the story (oh God, I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this…). Want me to lift the veil? Nahh… that old poop would kill me if I would… Unless you guys insist enough, he might allow me to give you some teasers…

Let’s get him back to writing first, eh?

Signing off,

Matt Corey

  1. Elisa says:

    Do you think the staring at screens ruins creative flow? I wondered the same… or really, I think it’s ruining my patience for reading other peoples’ works. And we all know that the best teacher is a book, after all. I seem to have writers’ block every time I sit down to actually write these days!

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