Blog for Blog’s Sake!

Posted: 25/04/2011 by C. Matt Hewes in About Writing

Recently, I’ve come across several discussions about the word count, content and purpose of Blogs, and I have to say it all went completely over my head..

Wasn’t the Web Log initially ‘created’ as an electronic version of our ‘Dear Diary’? To my humble belief, the purpose of Blogs is, nowadays, too far fetched, made over-complicated; certain people are convinced that Blogs should only contain ‘articles’ that provide us with a service of kinds, whereas others will say they should contain a certain level of professionalism…

So what about the ‘house moms’ (no offence, ladies) that just blog by means of letting off steam, or want to vent certain events in the household (think kids getting in trouble etc)? If we were to stick to the statements above, they’d have to get their Masters before even being ‘allowed’ to start a Blog.

As another example, what about my daughter’s passion for fashion and anything related? Should I tell her she can’t start a Blog about fashion before she has some sort of degree in the matter? By the above standards: yes. By my conviction: no.

A lot of people seem to forget the Internet is free accessible to everyone, including illiterates (note: I don’t mean to say non-professionals are per definition illiterate) lacking the skills to create a Blog in such way it appears anything but professional. So what? If they enjoy writing about whatever it is they write about, good for them! In my books, there are no rules set in concrete aboute how a Blog should be created or written. I think there is an unjustified case of comparing private Blogs with business related Blogs here…

Another statement made in the discussions, is the word count; it is general belief a Blog post shouldn’t exceed 500 words. Why? Says who? To my belief, a ‘good’ post should contain the information it requires to cover the subject, be it 25 words, or 2500. People interested in the subject won’t stop reading once the couter hits 500, I don’t think. They’ll just read the post, full stop! Whether it’s a piece by a Mom describing her feeling because her daughter wants to go live with some mates, closer to the College she attending, or someone explaining how the Big Bang theory really works, as opposed to what was the initial perception.

Yet another said not to be interested in people’s personal moaning about something, or venting their personal problems in a Blog… My reaction: “So don’t read it! There’s no one holding a Smith & Wesson against your head to read it. By all means, move on to a Blog you are interested in, but don’t slag someone’s Blog off because it doesn’t contain anything interesting for you to read…”

Anyway, let it be noted this is my personal opinion. And by all means, if it’s of no interest to you, move on. Go read the Financial Times, or the Yellow Pages if they’re more appealing to you. I won’t sleep less, honestly. I mean, what would be best practice? Putting up a Disclaimer above the post stating it could be damaging for Professionals (!) to carry on reading, i.e.:

DISCLAIMER: This Blog Post contains disturbing subjects, possibly not suitable and/or damaging for Professionals!

Hey! I must be a semi-Professional! I didn’t manage to keep below the feared 500 Boundary…!

To all House Moms, and illiterates: Happy Bloggin’, and by all means, your opinion is appreciated..

  1. LediaR says:

    A blog is a blog is a blog and by any other name is whatever the author wishes it to be. If it is for other people’s consumption, and I am referring to my own, just please let it be interesting. As the immortal Porky Pig would say, “The, the, the that’s all folks.” (:

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