Advertisements… How thick do they really think we are?

Posted: 07/05/2011 by C. Matt Hewes in Bits 'n' Bobs

I know ads are necessary to keep things ticking over as for most sites/online newspapers et al it’s the one form of income. So that’s not the problem. My problem is this:

I opened the online Dutch newspaper this morning, as you would open the newspaper on a saturday morning to play catch-up with the world. Normally, I’d refresh the page before anything, just to make sure I’m not reading yesterday’s news. This morning however, the link leads to the L’Oreal site: big advert for Mother’s Day -which is later than the UK/US Mother’s Day, by the way…

Now, were my Mother still among us, I’d certainly treat her, no question about that as I loved the old dear to bits. The issue I have is that they kind of tell you, you’ve never treated your Mum, with the sentence “Treat your Mother for real“. As if I need their products to treat me Mum, but that aside.. Then they treat you to an image of a twelve-year old who doesn’t even have the expression “wrinckle” in her vocabulary yet, staring into the lense with seductive (which, again, isn’t part of her vocabulary yet) eyes. Who is she trying to seduce; me? My Mum?

In another flash thing on the same page, animated text tells you: “After one drop, the skin immediately transforms. After one week, the skin looks visibly younger. After a month, she behaves younger.” If that’s the fact, I’ll have to get me a couple of gallons for myself. People who know me personally would concur, no doubt about that… Now, I ask you: Why would I want my Mum to look like a twelve-year old? Would my Mum want to look like one? Don’t fink so! Of course, I want my Mum to feel good about herself but what they’re doing is, in my opinion, a serious disrespect for our intelligence.

It’s like the famous Kelloggs ad; some size -4 bird jumping off a yaght. Yeah, she definitely needs Kelloggs to shed all those pounds… What do they take us for! It’s starting to annoy me more and more how the big Ad people take us for complete morons, rather than tempting our intellect to think about stuff. Stop showing us the beforementioned size -4 Bambi types; use real people for your ads, and make your ads believable again! I dare you to try it, Ad-boys, you might be surprised by the outcome.

And it’s not just the ads women are sensitive to: The UK has a real problem with alcohol abuse and what is the reaction of the Super Grocers? Buy three boxes of beer/cidre for the price of hardly two. Well done, boys! We really appreciate your efforts to aid in fighting the country’s alco-problems…

There are so many questionable ads out there, it makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Having said all that, it should also be mentioned that the Big Broadcast Peeps don’t really think things through either (this actually occurred last week): Showing an ad for mascara during a boys-toys program…? No… Yep! During (I believe) Mega Engineering, we boys got treated to, yet another, twelve-year-old, fluttering her eye lashes in a beautiful shade of… black. If there even is such a thing as ‘a beautiful shade of black’, that is… Oh, and it extends the lashes, too, how could I forget…

I tell you, I was really tempted to run out to the shops to get me missus the highly desired mascara. Till I realised it was something like eleven o’clock, of the ‘at night’ kind…

Am I a miserable, grumpy old poop? Probably. Whole flocks of people will probably agree with you if you’d say so… Although I wouldn’t call myself miserable; there are ads I like: The M&M’s ‘Get in the Bowl’ one cracks me up, Andrex always scores high with me, and there was the Mazda (correct me if I’m mistaking in the car make) ‘If birds couldn’t fly’ ad, where a li’l birdie falls of a rock, gazing at a Mazda zooming past. And there are more, so it’s not all doom ‘n’ gloom if it comes to ads, but seriously, the beauty industry could treat us with a bit more respect, methinks…

Anyway, rant over, thought I’d vent while I was here..

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!

  1. LediaR says:

    I loved this article, Cees. It reminded me of the times my daughter and I would “rate” commercials from negative to plus ten. We both hated when the annoying sidelines would interrupt our favorite shows, so we made a game out of it. We would rate the commercial on these grounds: FIRST were we entertained. That was of utmost importance. The show we were watching had entertained us greatly and this tidbit was interrupting that fun. Next, did we remember what product the commercial was trying to get us to buy, after its scenes faded from the television screen. If both criteria were met and we were very entertained, then we might give it a 12! BUT, if the commercial annoyed us a great deal, made us cringe and want to run screaming, LOL, plus we had not idea, after the fact, what product was being advertised, we might give it a lowly negative 2 or something insulting like that.

  2. LediaR says:

    BTW, Cees, I enjoyed this article so much, I gave it a 12, so I posted it on my facebook fan page. In other words, I immortalized you this bright Saturday morning. (Smile)

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