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Posted: 12/11/2011 by C. Matt Hewes in Bits 'n' Bobs

… Is there such a word?

If there isn’t then I’ll take the credits for it, thank you. *Note to self: Collect duties from word-use*

People who know me (there ain’t a lot) will confirm when I say I’m not the out-going kinda person; I’ve had my peaks when I was a youngster, sailing the Seven Seas in service of Her majesty, but once I set foot on solid ground, the out-going went out the door as I shut it behind me. There are several reasons I claim valid for this fact:

– To my belief, the whole going out thing has well and truly been destroyed by commerce (the price of a drink is comparable with buying a new frok nowadays): Where we could spend as much as a tenner on a Saturday night, in today’s economy, them poor teenagers are spending a small fortune for a mere coke or pint!

– In ‘the Olden Days’, when we went out, we did so to impress the girls and to have a good laugh; although prices back then were beyond belief for today’s generation, we didn’t go out ‘just to go out and get pissed’ as they do now. If we got tipsy, it was accidentally, not self-inflicted, whereas in this era, they pour all sorts of alcoholic drinks down their neck, barf, pour some more down their necks, barf again, and then finally go, completely faceless, to the clubs.. We went out to meet our mates, our pals. No such thing as mobiles, let alone smart phones. Just the home phone, which you ere only allowed to use in emergencies, or risk a clip or two from dear Dad..

I always went to town on my own.. I can hear you say: ‘Billy No-mates’. Wrong, you couldn’t be more wrong. I had millions of friends. So many friends that I didn’t want to offend any of them when they called to ask if I’d come out with them. So instead I’d say: ‘I’ll see you in town, there an’ there..’ That way I didn’t offend them and it wasn’t a crime if I walked over to other mates to catch up on whatever.. Nothing to do with crafty, more so with diplomatic, clever, I’d say.

But I counted them all as friends. Good friends, whom I’d jump up for to defend them, if need be.

That all changed, from the minute I hit solid ground. I just carried on going to work, went home and contributed in any chores waiting for me and my partner of the time, living in a two-room flat, in the middle of multi cultural Rotterdam’s West side. Of course we had people we socialised with, but it was nothing compared to the friendships I cherish, up to this day. Even the ones turned sour over time.

Since work takes me to several places, I’m just glad to get home, drop on the sofa, and do the perfect imitation of a couch potato whilst brainlessly watching a film. More often than not, that doesn’t happen and I end up logging on to work to do a bit of homework, though.. It’s apparent that our social life is non-existent. Do I care? Not really. As the saying goes: ‘Been there, done that, got the lousy T-shirt..’ My social life is with my partner, my colleagues and my friends. ‘Which friends? Didn’t you just say your social life is non-existent?’

Yes. I did… However.. there are people I call friends. Online friends. ‘OK, but nothing online is real.’ Does that mean the people I call my friends aren’t real? Au contraire! They are very real. People, very likely in the same position as me; can’t be arsed to go out but are still up for some banter every now and again.. That all aside, I belong to quite a prominent group of wannabe (if not already published) writers, or, like-minded people if you will, where I’ve met some I call friends. And above all, I don’t want to forget my E~budd who was there when most I needed someone to talk to, now eight years ago. We had and still have, good conversations and also quite some good laughs from time to time. I try to support him in times of need and he does the same for me if and when.. And I am proud to count him and the others to my friends, cyber or not!

**This still doesn’t mean we’ll be picking curtains anywhere soon, Romeo!**

.. And to be brutally honest, I prefer calling them, out in the big bad Cyber World, friends, over people who come across all pally one day, only to sink a dagger in your back the other.. Sadly, this happens, there where you don’t expect..


So here’s to my E-buddies! The people of whom I speak, know who they are!