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Naming & Shaming; the Domain Renewal Group scam

Posted: 04/03/2012 by C. Matt Hewes in Bits 'n' Bobs

Got an ‘Invoice’ in the snail-mail yesterday, to renew ‘my’ Domain Registration..

What they didn’t know is, that I’ve handed over the registration to the person I created the website for, so like hell am I paying for renewal, or do I want to switch to their ‘services’..

After some (not a lot) research, it appears the aforementioned ‘Company’ is running a scam to fleece newbie website owners from their pennies, offering a renewal service, for almost twice the price you pay your current povider.. only to find out your website gets turned to black when renewal comes up, because your provider doesn’t have anything ‘on paper’ of your so-called switch to the ‘Renewal Group’.

It’s not really hard to find the inconsistencies in the letter:

– They state a UK postal addres, yet provide a US 1-900 Customer Service phone number..

– The currency bounces from $ to £ left, right and centre.. what do you want, Dollars or Bath, make up your mind..

– Just because I registered a .com domain, doesn’t mean it resides in either UK or US, so why would I pay in either of these currencies..

The image below is courtesy of Trevor Wood, who has a great blog on the matter here. I couldn’t scan the letter I received, hence me ‘borrowing’ the below.

I felt I had to let you know what happened as I know there are a lot of website newbies among us wannabe’s, so beware, please..

Lesson is: If you don’t know the sender of anything, even snail mail deliveries, google them before you do anything!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!