Lo and Behold..! My Muse hath resurfaced!

Posted: 17/09/2012 by C. Matt Hewes in About Tee'Rha

About a year ago, I chucked the manuscript of my first and other novels in the proverbial drawer, and didn’t honour it with as much as a glance, since.

Yesterday, I ‘stumbled upon’ the files, and opened my Firstborn, ‘just browse through it’, so I thought. Scanning through the pages and different chapters, I found lots of pieces that are in dire need of a re-write, or at least a thorough edit, and before I knew, I was in full rewrite/edit mode. It just creeps up on ya, doesn’t it? You change a word, a sentence, then it becomes rewriting a paragraph, and so on. At some point I had parts 1 AND 2 open, so as to stay true to the bigger picture, resulting in me falling in the trap of editing two works at the same time.. Not Good!

As the day progressed, I regained the sense to focus on one work at a time, and the virtual quill went flying through the story, adding lines and sometimes even a full paragraph, and on the other hand, scrapping parts or even complete paragraphs. By tea-time, I had to stop, but by then I’d spent the best part of eight hours honing and polishing a story, well, part of.. It’s miraculous how one can leave a story untouched for the best part of a year, and then, in minutes time, be right back in the story. It’s common knowledge among writerly people that, the best way to get a fresh view on your work is to chuck it in the virtual drawer and forget about it. Well, I can testify to that now as being true.

Reason for me to drop everything writerly wasn’t completely voluntary; there was a lot going on at work, at that time, resulting in being on the road a lot, or else preparing work at home, for when I was on the road. The times I did have to myself was mostly spent with my eyes shut, or running necessary errands.. Might not sound like valid reasons but they’re the best I can come up with. Other than that, no reason whatsoever than maybe fatigue, being tired of going over the story time after time to figure out how, why, when and who.

Having worked on the story yesterday, I’ve come to realise that, what my story really needs, is a complete overhaul. Complete with a crisp new title!

I do have to say I felt good for doing it; I didn’t feel right not doing anything with the manuscripts but I couldn’t get myself to sit down and do something with them. Now that my Muse has resurfaced, I feel I am back in the saddle, and ready to give it the attention it deserves, and more so, most likely needs!

After all, I am but a Hobbyist, and the first writer who sells their raw, first draft as complete and polished, is yet to be born. I know ‘t ain’t me, I’ll leave it to the Professionals..


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