Me: Dutch Legal Alien, living and working in the North West UK, with a love for good and antique books. Writer of multiple User Guides/ Manuals for bespoke software applications.

My mother always said my imagination was too big for my head; little did I know about writing them down, it wasn’t ‘cool’, I preferred to hang outside with mates, in a poor atempt to impress the girls…

In February ’10 I was on sick leave for six weeks due to an operation. My partner had read some small pieces I’d written in a spur-of-the-moment kind of mood some time ago and liked them. Since I was getting more and more bored being nailed down on the sofa, she encouraged me to start writing. I took her advice, and churned out the raw first draft of Tee’Rha, at 102K words in six weeks. Tee’Rha is currently under query with several Publishers & Agents.

Now, back at work and thus having less time, I’m in in the middle of part 2, chapter 12, which is now @ 80K words, and not nearly halfway…

Other currently ongoing projects:

– A ‘love story’ with a funny supernatural twist, ‘Maggie ‘n’ Martha’, which is planned to be a Novella,

– A Sci-Fi short, ‘The Inheritance’. This is part of an Anthology joint venture with other Authonomy writers.

– Part 3 of the Tee’Rha Epos, which is as yet still at the planning stage.

Do I use any techniques? Heck no… all I have is (Dutch) High school English and what me Mum taught me from the age of six… OK, and a broad experience gained in the Navy…

Am I a natural? Talented? You tell me… it’s not appropriate to make such statement about yourself.
I just enjoy writing, and I write with the voice that suits me best.. most likely best described as ‘raw’… Idunno…
Considering that I’m native Dutch, I think I’m doing a nice job… NO !!: I think I could be the next Jack Vance…!

Anyone who wants to contact me (Publishers, Agents, Colleague Writers): ^_^

C. Matt Hewes is my pseudonym, based on my ‘real’ name…


©Copyright Note: The cover of Tee’Rha is a fragment of  the image ‘Dolls’ by Luis Rojo©


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