Tee’Rha: Planet of Peace

A Colonist mission ends up on the wrong planet due to human error.

what they find is a truly amazing world however…

Whilst Matt Corey, Commander of the first Platoon of Marines to land, gets worked up about not having sufficient intel on Tee’Rha, the planet they are about to disembark on, he gets contacted through a telepathic message by a young woman; Marbeeth, a W’meen from the planet, who has been ‘watching’ him experience his memory-fed dreams for the last twenty-one years, whilst he remained in Cryogenic Hibersleep. She appears to be the spitting image of his daughter, or rather, how he expects his daughter on Earth to look. She in turn starts to think of him as the father she never knew, soon after the early encounters, which start when she is just a young girl.

Marbeeth only finds out about her ability to ‘watch and read’ the Commander when she is a young woman, whilst owning up to her mother that she still has the dreams. She learns from her Mother that her ability is due to the fact that she is from a ‘Thinker’ blood line, of whom it is known that they have use of virtually one hundred percent of their brain. Stronger Thinkers can, among other abilities, transport themselves; it is known that the strongest are even able to transport other people and goods. The Thinkers are believed to be H’meen whose brain cells have mutated during exposure to radiation in the ‘Great War’.

Once landed on Tee’Rha the Humans soon learn that the Native People, the H’meen, in a war long forgotten, had almost become extinct, and almost certainly will within a couple of thousand years if no solution to their problem is found. Tee’Rha’s population is suffering from a shortage of male chromosomes, resulting in a slow but definite decline in the birth of male H’meen. It soon becomes clear that there might be a way for the Humans to help their hospitable hosts, and gratitude comes in the form of allowing the Humans to settle on their planet, on the condition that the Human technology is not shared with H’meen without the consent of the Konsulei; the local Tee’Rhan Council. It is, in the eyes of the H’meen, technology which is the cause of the Great War leading to near-extinction.

Whilst the settlements and Military Bases are being realised, the Commander, in his role as liaison officer, falls in love with Jenshee, mother of Marbeeth. He spends a considerable amount of time with her now that Marbeeth has made friends with several female Marines her own age. Their relationship results in, what the Humans consider the first Intergalactic child ever: J’adeen.

Meanwhile, the Commander discovers that he has gained ‘Thinker-like’ powers too, which is believed to be the result of Marbeeth sending messages to him, and using his mind as an intermediate to talk to other people. While performing several tests on a possible cure for the H’meen problem Doc discovers that Marbeeth and the Commander share the same DNA print, this sets off a research in order to determine how this can be, and it turns out that the H’meen have visited Earth some 11,000 years ago, and that the Thinkers existed way before the Great War.

Initially, the EST (Earth Star Traveller) ‘Explorer was meant to return to Earth; this however is made impossible by an extremely violent enemy of the Humans; the Dexturians. They have homed in on the beacon of the Explorer and consequently blow up the mother ship, stranding the Colonists and Military on the planet, with no means of getting in contact with Earth, or any Human inhabited planets as there are none near enough. Once the Explorer is destroyed, the Dexturians set out to destroy everyone non-Dexturian on the planet. With the help of the Thinkers, the enemy is held off however, with the exception of one Dexturian Star Chaser which manages to escape into outer space. The Humans can’t follow them there as their ships aren’t fast enough and unsuitable for deep-space travel. The Dexturian Chaser getting away makes one thing certain; they’ll come back, seeking revenge for their defeat.

The Commander, injured in the brutal Dexturian attacks, recovers thanks to medication but, as his friend Doc; Major Elenya Sharyapovic believes, even more so thanks to the healing powers his toddler son has due to being a Thinker. As a result of winning the majority of votes during a Commander’s Conference and knowing he is on the mend he starts planning for a new order Marine Corps. He converts the existing Marine Corps into the Tee’Rhan First Marine Corps, utilising the abilities of the Thinkers and preparing the ever so peaceful Planet Tee’Rha for a certain, bloody return of the Dexturians, as they always do…


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