Maggie ‘n’ Martha

A Romance with a Supernatural twist


Maggie and Martha are complete strangers to eachother, until they passed away…

Maggie had been ‘up there’ for a substantial time, before she got a ‘neighbour’, Martha, and thus learned the tricks of intervening in matters ‘down there’. Maggie’s daughter Belle is, be it unknowingly, a prisoner in her marriage, and Maggie has been waiting for an opportunity to give Belle a nudge in the right direction.

Martha’s son, Jace, got himself tangled up in a relationship years ago in which, at some point, he couldn’t recognise himself longer as the outgoing, helpful person he was. Driven by Martha’s intervention, with the help of Maggie, he finds the courage to get out of the relationship and start over.

Maggie ‘n’ Martha; both cheerful women when alive, freed from ailments, relive their golden times ‘up there’ and gradually drive Belle and Jace to eachother. There are some unforeseen issues though; Jace and Belle live in different countries, the only way to get them in contact is through the Internet. Also, there’s the fact that none of both is actually looking to get in an other relationship, after all, Belle is happily married, and Jace just split up with his partner, and wants a break from the whole relationship-business.

When they do meet online, they both fall head-over-heels in love, and want nothing but be together…


This Page is, as yet, like the book, a Work in Progress.

A Synopsis will be added soon, so…

Watch this Space!


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